Mason County Animal Shelter
1965 Fairground Road,
Point Pleasant,
WV, 25550

Phone: 304-675-6458 - If we are busy the phone may not be answered so leave a message.

The Mason County Animal Shelter is a county shelter in the west of West Virginia. Animals are held in accordance with state requirements, and are redeemed by the owner, adopted, or as a last resort; euthanized. We are a high intake county shelter and need rescue help! Our county commission limits us to 25 dogs and 20 cats. All the adoptions would not be possible without the amazing support of our community. You are all making a difference for every animal here with every post share, heart emoji and comment. Your generosity with donations makes life better for the animals while they are here. We can all be proud of our accomplishments together. Let us keep raising the bar to expand, reach new people and keep getting the word out that there are so many animals we can save and help and that it feels good to contribute to your community and know you can make a difference. Thank you all so much.

Opening Hours:
Monday - Friday: Viewing/Adoption 12pm-4pm
Closed Saturday, Sunday and Holidays

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